10th May 2010
Vincy Quadros

Published in 2010 in Romi Konkani, ‘Turo’ is a bouquet of 10 different stories with themes of love and betrayal, sacrifice and justice, repentance and divinity and integration. The book was awarded the Konknni Martyr Florian Vaz Puroskar 2010 instituted by Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Porvorim.

With a moral ending for each story where the secular thought prevails, Turo highlights the dangers of man as he turns his back on honesty and obedience because of lust for power and money. Depressed women are encouraged not to restrict their lives to household chores only but to come forward to help other women in distress.  Selfish people are exposed, grace and courage are focused.  One can see contemporary thoughts flowing through the stories to usher in a better tomorrow.


Vincy Quadros is a versatile contemporary Konkani writer with 13 books of different genres to his credit, of which ‘Fuldanni’, ‘Turo’, and ‘Porsum’ have received  literary awards at the state level.  He writes both in Roman and Devnagri scripts of Konkani.

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