25th January 2021
Marcos Gonsalves

Kristanvancho Zagor’ by Marcos Gonsalves is a feather in the crown of Konkani language. The young writer has taken great pains to research and re-discover the rich heritage of Goan folklore popularly known as ‘zagor’. Although such traditions exist among various communities residing in Goa, Gonsalves has limited the scope of his research on ‘zagor’ as is being celebrated amongst the Catholic community. Hence the title ‘Kristanvacho Zagor.’

Comprising of 108 pages, the writer has breathed life into every page through his vivid description and photos  regarding each and every aspect of  ‘zagor’ and is an asset to future generations seeking information on ancestral traditions.  

From ‘Mandd’ (open space where ‘zagor’ is performed) to traditional musical instruments like ghumott, kansallem and mhadllem, ‘Kristanvancho Zagor’ has so much valuable information to offer to the readers. The book also speaks about various characters, their attire and the typical form of songs in ‘zagor’ called the xen and zopatti.


A must read for every folklore and heritage lover!  

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