• 2020 - 2023
    • Odheokx - Vincy Quadros 

      Up-Odheokx - Pri. Conceicao D Silva

      Chittnis - William Fernandes

      Bhanddari - Celso Fernandes

      Vangddi -  Tomazinho Cardozo, Savio Pinto, Alfonso Braganza, Pio Esteves, Daniel F De Souza, Seby Braganza, Isito Gracias, Selza Lopes, Sonia Gomes

  • 1988 - Founders Committee
    • Padri Freddy J. da Costa - Odheokx

      Agnelo Pries - Up-Odheokx

      Tomazinho Cardozo - Chittnis

      Thomas Fernandes - Zodd-Chittnis

      Prabhakar Tendulkar - Bhanddari

      Sorgest Pa. Eusebio Ferrao ani sorgest Zito Almeida - Vangddi

      Pa. Pratap Naik - Bud divpi

About Us

Dalgado Konknni Akademi Konknnicho vaur Romi lipintlean korta. Punn Dalgado Konknni Akademi khuinchiech lipicher add nam. Dalgado Konknni Akademik Konknnicho jitlo ukhol Romi lipintlean zal’lo zai titloch ukhol Devnagri lipintleanui zal’lo zai ani hi mokh samkar dovrun DKA vavurta.

Romi lipintli Konknni sahityik nodrentlean fulchi ani vaddchi he khatir Dalgado Konknni Akademi favo tim paulam purnn xoktinixim marta. Romi lipintlie Konknnicho prochar ani prosar zauncho hacher lokx ghalta. Sonvsarant disan-dis zaitio bhaso ani lipi na-nopoit zatat, hie fattbhuim-ier Konknni tigun urchi hi nodor samkar dovrun DKA chaltea jivitant lokamni Konknnicho choddant chodd vapor korcho oso agro dhorta ani toso proyotnui korta, karonn ji bhas chaltea jivitant vapor nastanam urta ti bhas na-nopoit zata oxem DKA mandta. Khuinchii bhas tigun urtoli zalear ti bhas Dev mondirant pavonkuch zai. Ji bhas Dev mondirant pavta ti bhas lokanchea kallzant urta ani jiber khelltta. Romi lipintlie Konknnicho vapor igorjent zata, dekhun Romi lipintli Konknni kaim zonnamni mullak thaun humttaun uddovpacho proyotn korunui te osofoll zale hem sot amchean nakarunk zainam.

Dekhun Dalgado Konknni Akademi Romi lipintli Konknni borovpiank purnn tenko dita. Tankam fuddem haddpacho proyotn korta. Tech borabor Romi lipintli Konknni lokamni aplea chaltea jivitant vaporchi mhunn agro dhorta.

Raj bhas kaident “Konkani means Konkani in Devnagri script” him utram ghalun Romi lipintlie Konknnicher ani Romi lipintli Konknni vaportoleacher oneai kela. Ho Romi lipintlie Konknnicher zalolo oneai pois korunk Dalgado Konknni Akademi pott-tiddken vavurta. Amche proyotn chaluch asat, te khatir Konknni porjechoi tenko zai, zoit amchench asa, ek nam ek dis ami zoitivont zatolech.

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Mission & Aim

AIMS, OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVIES: The aims, objectives and activities of the Society are:

  1. To promote the study and development ofKonkani language in Roman script.
  2. To establish, organize and recognize schools, other educational institutions and activities for the promotion and development of Konkani language, literature and culture.
  3. To promote research of the past and present literary production in Konkani language and in all other living forins of Konkani language, literature and culture.
  4. To hold and organize seminars, conference.c:, workshops, exhibitions, lectures,competitions of different types and foster other appropriate means for the study and development of Konkani language, literature and culture.
  5. To initiate, assist or undertake the production of original writings, research papers, monographs, books, journals, articles. etc. in Konkani.
  6. To initiate, assist or undertake transliteration ofKonkan.i literature from other scripts to Roman script, and from Roman script to other scripts.
  7. To initiate, assist or undertake translation into Konkani of literature produced in Indian and foreign languages.
  8. To undertake, encourage, translate the writings in Konkani or on Konkani in any other Indian or foreign language.
  9. To initiate, assist, undertake and edit Konkani folk songs, music, folk literature, Tiatr literature, stage performances and other expressions of Konkani culture.
  10. To promote the knowledge and development of Konkani through all the modem means of mass communication.
  11. To provide facilities by means of library, documentation centre, scholarships, fellowships and guidnnce to students,writers, teachers, producers and actors /actresses of Konkani
  12. To collect and preserve Konkani documents, records, books and objects scattered here and there with individuals and families and are related to the cultural and literary development of Konkani.
  13. To provide linancial assistance, awards, scholarships to writers, dramatists, scholars, singers and other talented people from the field of Konkani for publication of their works in or about Konkani language, literature and culture.
  14. To provide fmancial assistance to literary, cultural and research institutions for their activities in the field of Konkani language, literature and culture.
  15. To distribute, supply books or magazines in Konkani language to the libraries and institutions.
  16. To give awards for excellence in different fields of Konkani literature and culture.
  17. To encourage the use of Konkani language in all walks of life
  18. To promote the teaching and study of Konkani language, literature and culture.
  19. To promote, assist, and undertake publication of children's literature in Konkani.
  20. To offer scholarships and fellowships to deserving scholars and students in the field of Konkani language, literature and culture to visit archives in India or abroad tn carrying out research.
  21. To collaborate either with the government or with other institution and associations in the country or abroad having similar aims, objectives and activities either meant to promote directly the development of Konkani language, literature and culture or to promote the literature and culture of other Indian or even foreign languages connected with Konkani culture.
  22. To perform all other acts as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all the objectives of the Society mentioned above.

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